The Home Business Network Marketing Misunderstood

The Home Business Network Marketing Misunderstood
Network marketing or Direct sales is an industry that is often misunderstood. We all do some form of it often; however, some of us get paid to do it and some don’t. Direct selling is selling by word of mouth. For example: when you see a good movie and you tell your friends about the movie, which makes them, go and see it. You have done direct selling. Direct sales is misunderstood because it is still associated with a pyramid scheme. This association is false because pyramids are illegal as they pay money out (bonus & commissions) without having a true product or service to market (ex. Cash gifting, ponzi schemes). This is one of the most traditional methods of selling that is still used today because it works! Many companies today start business this way and some remain, for example: Mary Kay, Avon, Kirby, Electrolux & Clearwire are just a few. The existence of these power house companies support the fact that directs sales works! It has been around since the existence of selling and the proven effectiveness of this method of sales provokes companies today to adopt this method. People misunderstand direct sales based on the lack of knowledge about the industry. Direct sales and real-estate has created the most self made millionaires. This industry has been edified by some of the most successful people in the business. Former President Bill Clinton, Donald Trump and Robert Kysoki realize that direct sales can help ordinary people get extra ordinary results. Furthermore, they understand that there are no barriers’ such as education, economic status and social status or prerequisite which can prevent one from being successful. All that’s required is for one is to be teachable, coachable, ambitious, and willing to take action.

The pyramid structure although misunderstood and considered bad is not what is bad. What is bad is when the pyramid is presented as a scheme- when there is no money being exchanged for true services or products. The pyramid structure is the strongest structure known to man. As a matter of fact all organizations are based upon a pyramid! Think of one and ask yourself is there a pyramid in the organization. Even if there are only 2 levels in the organization-it’s a period. There has to be at least a top executive, middle management and lower management. A pyramid! Direct sales is now off of trial and no longer misunderstood because you have been informed. There are some great opportunities out there in this industry. Do your research and get involved with the right opportunity. A pyramid is a good thing. Get more!

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